“An Archer Travels” Blog Series: About the Author

Good morning, agents! We are introducing a brand new blog series called, An Archer Travels, written by Ron’s niece, Elizabeth Archer. Keep your eyes peeled for coming articles, and in the meantime – here’s all about Elizabeth and her family!


Hello, and welcome to my travelogue! My name is Elizabeth Archer and I descend from a long, illustrious line of world travelers. My grandparents Cliff and Lola Archer founded Archer Travel way back when, and my Uncle Ron helped ignite my own love of travel when he booked me a ticket to Europe in 2003 at the impressionable age of 21. Since then I have lived in three of the four corners of the U.S. as well as Chile, Argentina, and Spain, and I’ve traveled to countries in Europe, all of the Americas, and Africa.

I got married in 2015 and had a baby in 2017, the latter of which put a damper on my international travel habits. But our daughter Marian is almost three and is a fun-loving and flexible gal, so my husband Carson and I decided to take advantage of a natural lull in our lives (he’s a beekeeper and the fall is his slow season) to take an extended trip abroad. We currently live in California’s wine country and our go-to vacation is any beach in Mexico. Every time we bust out our passports we talk about taking a long-term trip, and we’re finally doing it!

We leave on Wednesday and will spend one week in Costa Rica before heading to Colombia for ten weeks. I’ll write about our experiences as budget travelers including what it’s like to fly with an antsy toddler in coach, what free and low-cost activities we find (plus which ones we splurge on), where we stay, what we eat, how Carson and Mae progress in their respective Spanish language schools, and how we navigate life’s logistics in another country. My photos will reflect reality – no fancy filters or staged shots, just the lived moments I capture on my iPhone 6S – and my posts will tell it like it is: the good, the bad, the unexpected, and the comical. I hope you’ll follow along! Stay tuned for dispatches from Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, where I’ll write from the only air-conditioned apartment I could find in the tiny town of Cahuita.