Carnival Exclusive Gratuity Consumer Offer

Hey, Evolution!

Carnival has a super great promotion available only for Archer and Evolution that will run until November 30. It must be booked online with pre-paid gratuities. The gratuities cannot be reversed but your clients will get an on board credit of $25.00 per cabin for short cruises and $50 per cabin for 7 nights or more.

Exclusive Gratuity Consumer Offer

Offer Details:

  • Rate code OHF – this will be loaded by 08/01/19
  • Offer follows our early saver promotion guidelines
  • The fare code will offer 50% non-refundable deposit
  • Pre-paid gratuities required at time of booking
  • Will apply via AUTOMATION ONLY– would not work through the call center
  • Booking Window August 1 – November 30
  • $25 or $50 OBC per cabin ($25 short cruises and $50 long cruises)

As always thank you for your partnership we are excited to launch this exclusive promo with your team.

Top 5 Benefits For Consumers To PrePay Gratuities!

  1.  Beneficial to pre-pay gratuities so that you don’t have to worry about it on your vacation bill
  2. Pre-paying gratuities allow you to budget in advance
  3. Pre-paying sets the expectations from the get-go and then won’t come as a surprise to the guest
  4. Clear and concise information on the front end, helps ease the mind of travelers during their onboard experience.   They are more likely to enjoy their cruise without worrying about what the onboard bill will look like
  5. Pre-payment will allow for a clean budget while on the cruise – providing more mental confidence is purchasing items of fun (this too will give a more satisfying vacation, and kudos to the travel partner)

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