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Text Messages vs Emails

Travel Professional Communication Etiquette 

Article by Amanda Rose Johnson

Can I communicate in the same way for both?

No, here’s why…

Let’s Begin with a quick background on Email and Text Messages. First, Emails began to replace mailed letters and memos within businesses. Not long after Text Messages became the new form of communication.

Millions of people use Text Messaging as their preferred way of communicating. Texts are a fast and easy way to send and receive messages.  Emails tend to be longer form of communication and are very prevalent in the travel industry when preparing quotes for clients.

We want to help your communicating skills!


How will you keep clients coming back?

How will you get the best reviews with your communication skills?

What is best way to communicate to your clients and how?


In this Article, you will find good and bad examples of Text Message and Email communication from Travel Professionals. 


  1. Always Proofread your email or text. Grammar and spelling are VERY important!

  2. Double check the receivers email or phone number prior to sending.

  3. Never send Bad news via email or text. Always call the client.  

  4. Nothing is confidential assume others will see what you write, so be professional!

  5. Do NOT Block clients just because you do not like them!

  6. Everything must be spelled out, do not use abbreviations.

  7. If you choose to NOT do a Client’s Travel, You must FULLY REFUND them.

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