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How to Register: GoGo Vacations

GoGo Vacations

Ever wonder where travel agents find amazing deals? They find them at GOGO Vacations. Here, you’ll find comprehensive brochures, online resources, destination guides, exclusive sales — everything you need to land that booking, including the booking process itself. GOGO Vacations — your complete package specialists.

For over 65 years, GOGO Vacations has been a leading US travel wholesaler. With teams in locations nationwide, GOGO Vacations works exclusively with travel agents. Its in-depth product knowledge, expansive product line including My Time, provides a tremendous value to the 8,000-plus travel agencies who they serve.

How to Register:

Please follow the link here >

Agent Information
Enter ARC : 05824840

Archer Travels information will appear on the right side. See image below

Please fill in your personal phone number, email and home address.

World Agent Direct/Delta Vacations (How to Register)

World Agent Direct / Delta Vacations 

You are now able to Book with and Register for Delta Vacations again!


Important: You must be an agent for at least 2 months to be accepted! How to Register: 


Agents register with World Agent Direct/Delta Vacations by submitting a Supplier Request Form. 

Please go to the Travel Cafe. Click on Forms tab. Click on Supplier Request Form. Fill out the Form. When promoted to Select Supplier Name, Please select ‘World Agent Direct/Delta Vacations’ 

You can always book Delta through our wholesalers such as VAX, Expedia Taap and more. 



About Collette:

With Collette, the World is Within Your Reach

True adventures go beyond incredible destinations or inclusive packages. Collette delivers a sense of possibility across all seven continents.

Since 1918, we have been sharing our love of travel. Today our worldwide travel collection features comprehensive land tours, river cruises, rail journeys, small group tours, family trips, garden holidays and more. With Collette, wake each morning on tour with a new experience in front of you, and when your head hits the pillow, you will know it has been an amazing day. Best of all – we seamlessly handle the details. All you have to do is enjoy the adventure.

We consider everyone who travels with us to be our personal guest.Every moment matters to us because we know it matters to you. This may be because at heart we are a family owned company that has been in business for 100 years. It may be because our team are passionate about sharing their own love of travel and uncovering mysteries.
Choosing Collette comes with benefits that take your guided travel experience to another level. Our inclusive tours provide you more value for your money and more of what makes travel special.

Web support line  855-697-8687 (Available M-F: 9 – 530pm EST)

How to Register

Register with the link below!

Click the top right ‘Log In/ Sign Up’

Click ‘I don’t have an account’

Click ‘I am a travel professional’

Member Number 05824840

Click on IATA circle

Postal Code 91214

Click ‘Look up company’

Click ‘Confirm Company Name’ if it says Archer Travel

Type in your last name, Click Look up name

If you do not see your account ‘Click create new account’

Insert your personal information and sign up

Click the circle ‘home based agent’

Input your Personal Information and Click Complete Registration

Someone will be in contact with you soon when your account has been created.

IMPORTANT: There is a chance our response to you will be discarded by your spam filter. You should receive an acknowledgment email in the next five minutes of submitting your request.

  • Please check your inbox for our auto-acknowledgment email, which has just been sent to the email address you specified.
  • If you don’t see the email, look in your junk-mail folder. If you find it there, please mark the email as Not Junk and add to your address book.
  • If you still don’t receive the auto-acknowledgment, please resubmit your form or call our support team at 855-688-8687 .

Order Your FREE Brochures Today

To receive Collette’s latest travel brochures, all you have to do is click on one of the images below and fill out the form—it’s that easy (and free!) Before you know it, you’ll be holding the whole world in your hands!

In the meantime, you can also view any of our brochures online or even download a copy to your computer or mobile device.




We aspire to be an international benchmark for sustainable tourism, with a business model that is 100% family-run, cost-effective and sound. We aim to be a leader in offering quality and achieving customer satisfaction with an open organisational culture that encourages innovation and teamwork.


We offer unforgettable holiday experiences in the best locations throughout the world, through a sustainable tourism business model that encourages respect for individuals and the environment.

How StarAgents Works
The StarAgents Travel Agent rewards program works a little differently. There is no registering or logging in of your bookings, nor is emailing them necessary. The process is automatic. Your StarAgents code must be added into the booking with a hashtag before and after, #HXXX#, at the time the booking is made, prior to initially submitting it.
By doing this you will be able to see your future points in the “Pending Points” Section of StarAgents within 24 hours of having made the booking. When your clients check-in, the points pass over to the “My Points Statement” section and you will then be able to redeem your points immediately.
The ONLY time the booking information enters into your StarAgents account is when the code is entered at the time the booking is made. Once the booking is made the code cannot be added to the booking. The information will not transfer into the StarAgents system and you will not see the booking information in your Pending Points.
Choose a booking engine below for instructions on entering your StarAgents code.

Contact Information:

Telephone: 404-890-0479

Iberostar is done via Supplier Request Form. Please go the the Tab ‘Forms‘ in the Travel Cafe. Click on ‘Supplier Request Form
Click Optional Supplier, then type in Iberostar in Optional Supplier Fill Below.
(You are also able to book through our wholesalers but will not receive the Iberostar points.