Important Expedia TAAP COVID updates

Dear Affiliate,


Since our last update, the government travel restrictions, advisories, flight cancellations, and the many other impacts and risks arising from the COVID-19 outbreak have reached a global scale. This has impacted the ability of people everywhere to travel, regardless of the circumstances in their location or their destination.

As a result of these now global force majeure circumstances, and for the safety of our partners and travelers, EPS is expanding the following force majeure “flex policy” to all lodging bookings worldwide that were made prior to March 19, 2020, with stay dates between March 20, 2020 and April 30, 2020. [1] This covers all bookings check-in after March 19, 2020 and before May 1, 2020. 


Over the next couple of days, many non-refundable lodging bookings with flexible cancellation policies will now be cancellable and refundable through Expedia TAAP, allowing you to self-serve bookings and eliminating the need to call our contact centers.   


1.    Managing refundable bookings: We have created a guide on how to amend or cancel a refundable booking on Expedia TAAP, the guide can be found here.  To view a traveler’s booking details, follow these five steps:   

One: Select ‘Manage trips’ from the top navigation bar

Two: Pick the first option from the menu ‘itineraries’    

Choose the upcoming trip from the list of bookings

Four: Select whether to ‘change’ or ‘cancel’ the booking reservation

Five: Amend the booking or review the cancelation policy before progressing.   


Please note that although bookings subject to flexible cancellation policies will become refundable, cancellation penalties 24 hours before check-in will still apply.  We encourage you to take regular and prompt action on cancelling eligible bookings.   


2. For non-refundable bookings with a stay date later than April 30, 2020 (which therefore do not meet our flexible refund criteria) or any other bookings you cannot self-serve: Please email


Please note that our Agent Support phone lines are experiencing extremely high call volumes leading to long wait times. For faster processing, we ask that you use the self-service tools available.   

For more information, please reach out to your Expedia TAAP Sales Agent.  


Kind regards,


Your Expedia TAAP team 


PS. For up-to-the-minute updates, follow our Linked In page here .   

[1]Please note, unlike our B2C brands, we are unable to issue vouchers in lieu of refunds to your travelers due to the fact that you, our partners, are remarketing our accommodations inventory. 

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