Japan Airlines/Finnair/Qantas Airways  JAQ Gazette

Hello again, dear friends, colleagues and partners!


Lisa, Gendrix and I hope you are all still safe and sound, but, we can probably all agree staying at home for so long is starting to get old…..

Unfortunately the situation has not much improved for our industry, however things will eventually turn around and we are still here for you.


We trust you received our 1st edition of the Japan Airlines/Finnair/Qantas Airways  JAQ Gazette on April 22nd (if not, check your spam folder), and since we got several positive reactions afterwards it encouraged us to create a 2nd piece.

In this 2-page issue attached we are offering another glimpse into our personal lives as well as some airline fashion.


Since we are only sending this to you alone from your company, kindly forward this e-mail to all team members; they surely would enjoy our way of staying in touch as well.

Feel free to share feedback and your thoughts with us – and of course if you would like to be removed from future mailings.


With all our best wishes,

Sabine Engelbrecht(AY), Gendrix Blackwood(QF) and Lisa Suzuki(JAL)


😉 Bonus if you read to here: A useful tool for determining the entry and quarantine regulations for many countries around the world: https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm


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