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-You are now ready to begin making bookings for any or all of our 3 brands

  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
    · Celebrity Cruises
    · Azamara Club Cruises

To make bookings on any of the above brands please call our reservations team on 1800 754 500 and quote your office phone number.

Agency ID

Your agency ID is: 365477

District Sales Managers
Your District Sales Manager (DSM) details are as follows;

Name: David Ninham


Phone: 0401529785


Please contact them with any enquires or questions in relation to any of the three brands.


Register for Cruising Power:

Making On-Line Bookings

Our new online booking system Cruising Power is an essential booking tool for you to quote and book our cruises.

To create your unique profile please visit and click the Create an Account button.


From here please follow the below prompts to complete your registration;


  • Click Register for Cruising Power
  • Select Language
  • Enter your agency phone number (please note, phone numbers must be entered as 0610291352914
  • Once your agency is found, scroll down and accept Terms & Conditions
  • Click Next, Create Your Agent Profile
  • Proceed to complete the registration and security questions
  • Once complete, click Next, review and complete your registration.
  • Once you have registered, agents please call or email us so we can activate the account if you do not have espresso access within 1-2 business days.